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Online casino tournaments

Contests are an increasingly popular communication and marketing strategy online. Many brands and platforms use this principle to attract new visitors to their site but also to federate their current community by allowing them to win prizes, products or free services. Travel sites and clothing brands have seen it as an opportunity to get known or maintain the link with their customers by offering rewards that are sometimes worth several thousands of euros.

It is also a very effective method to capture the email addresses of Internet users and to be able to target them later with new advertising campaigns. Following the same principle as these online contests, the online casinos have also decided to exploit this seam. While these contests are obviously only open to people who are of legal age (and aware of the dangers of gambling), they are a great opportunity for online gambling enthusiasts to increase their real money winnings.

How does an online casino tournament work?

A casino tournament is an event where registered casino players play against each other (using real money) on one or more selected casino games to win the jackpot, the pool prize or, in some cases, both! Online casino contests are often for slot machines, blackjack games, poker, video poker and, in some cases, roulette games.

Tournaments are one of the best ways to attract new players to the casino while giving repeat users an incentive to continue playing at the casino (in addition to the various bonuses and promotions). A tournament is a great opportunity for players to win a lot of money while having fun in a friendly competition against other (real) players and having extremely flexible betting requirements.

The different types of real money tournaments

While some contests require players to have a real-money account already, others may even require them to pay a small entry fee. In addition, some events are held only for loyal users who make large deposits and have been registered with the platform for a certain period of time.

Regular contests

In regular casino tournaments, all players can participate to win real money. To participate, they do not need an entry ticket. They play as soon as they open the game related to the contest. Such competitions usually involve only one type of game. However, it is possible to enjoy several entertainments at once. In this case, the new results are always added to the previous ones and are immediately displayed on the leader board. As a rule, only the top 10 or 25 players are shown on the leaderboard.

High Roller Casino Contests

Some online casinos hold high roller contests, where the winners are rewarded with huge prizes for the risk they take in participating. These are players who play for large sums of money and fund their accounts regularly over a fairly long period. As a result, they have access to a larger bankroll and can realize huge winnings by participating in tournaments reserved for VIP players.

Contests on the most popular games

Many online casinos organize various competitions with their most popular games and offer the winners huge jackpots. They do this in order to attract more customers rather than to make big profits. The most popular games for these competitions are slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker and other table games.